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At Feet Carers, we represent a team of highly qualified Podiatrists whose sole motive is to ensure that your feet are well-cared for at all times. We have a plethora of information on various types of Foot Ailments, their causes, symptoms, prevention as well as cure. From Achilles tendonitis to Plantar fasciitis and Metatarsalgia, there is practically no foot ailment that we have left untouched on Feet Carers. We also strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and thereby have a wide variety of articles that deal with best ways to take care of your feet, the use of orthotic soles, the best foot and leg exercises and so on and so forth. So go ahead and give your feet the special treatment they deserve for carrying the burden of your body!


What is Plantar Fasciitis?


The base of your foot contains a tissue called plantar fascia. This tissue is responsible for connecting your heel to the frontal end of your foot, and regulating the overall positioning and movement of the foot. Any inflammation caused in this tissue because of excessive strain or wear and tear is known as Plantar Fasciitis in medical terms. If you are experiencing pain or swelling around you heel, we advice you that you see a doctor immediately, as further delay would lead to worsening of the condition of the tissue, unnecessarily warranting surgery. For the initial stages of this ailment, non surgical remedies such as the use of ice packs, certain foot exercises and use of suitable orthotic soles can prove to be very helpful.



Ways to Prevent Achilles tendonitis


Runners are the most susceptible to Achilles tendonitis, as this foot ailment is caused by the prolonged foot injuries that are resultant of running too frequently and over long distances, thereby causing stiffness, redness and swelling around the heels. The right use of orthotic soles recommended by a podiatrist coupled by calf exercises and massage therapy are the best ways to prevent Achilles tendonitis.


Are You Susceptible to Metatarsalgia?


Wearing ill-fitted, high-heeled, heavy shoes or footwear based on any occupational requirement such as the ones worn by policemen, army personnel, farmers, industrial workers and so on, are the causes that lead to Metatarsalgia. The over-pronation of the foot caused in all these cases is the resultant factor that leads to ball of foot pain, technically known as Metatarsalgia. Therefore it is important that you always wear well-fitting shoes and avoid high-fashion heels as much as possible. For those who need to wear occupational footwear, it is recommended that you remove your footwear while you are on a break and carry a pair of regular footwear to wear back home.


Use of Orthotic Soles                                             


Using the right orthotic soles as recommended by a podiatrist can help relieve your foot pain to a very large extent, and provide a very comfortable base for your feet to walk on, thereby reducing the pressure that you put on them. Hence, the correct use of orthotic soles is highly recommended by podiatrists as part of foot care. 

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