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Orthotics for Flat Feet

Is too much physical activities not good?

Physical activity is the key ingredient to maintaining good health. If you ask anyone for advice on how to maintain good health, one of the first things that they will tell you is that you need to exercise. You need to be physically active. Many people, however, do not warn you that too much physical activities might have harmful effects. The body part that is the most involved with physical fitness is your feet and as a result, too much physical activities can place too much stress on the feet and can result in overuse injuries. This is why you need to be mindful of the quantity, level and frequency of physical activities that you partake in. Overuse Injuries in the Foot can result in a number of foot conditions including raptured tendons, stress fractures and inflammation of the plantar fascia. Too much physical activity is not the only thing that can cause damage to your feet. Where women are concerned, high heels can cause damage to the feet as well. This is why women need to be considerate of the shoes that they wear making sure that they are not too high nor too tight. 

What are Flat Feet?

Unfortunately, not all foot conditions are cause by overuse of the feet or by wearing the wrong shoes. Some people are born with certain foot conditions such as flat feet. A person who has flat feet is a person whose feet have very low arches or no arches at all. The arch which is also known as the instep is the part of your fee that is raised off of the ground when you stand and varies in height from person to person. For many people, having low or no arches are normal. They are just born that way because it is in their genes and has been inherited. Others develop flat feet in the womb due to an abnormality. For example, two or more bones can be fused together while they are developing in the womb and as a result they are born with flat feet. The difference between flat feet that are inherited and flat feet that are the result of an abnormality is that flat feet that are inherited are fairly flexible while abnormal flat feet are stiff. Sometimes, some people develop flat feet later on in their life due to the result of suffering from foot conditions such as arthritis. 

What are the Effects of Flat Feet?

Although having flat feet is not serious, you may feel a lot of pain when you walk which is the result of having flat feet. If you have flat feet, it is most likely that you may experience pain in one or more of the following areas:

the calf

the inside of the ankles

the outers side of the feet

the knee, back or hip

the arch of the feet

How to Treat Flat Feet?

Since that having flat feet is not a major foot condition that does not cause significant problems, major treatment options are not needed. You main focus will most likely be to reduce the pain caused by the condition. The simplest way of relieving the pain caused by flat feet would be to wear supportive shoes that fit properly and that have a special insole that will stop your feet from rolling inwards when you walk or run. These insoles are known as orthotics and are highly recommended for people suffering from flat feet because they provide biomechanical support and help the feet to function more efficiently. There are a variety of orthotics that are available for flat feet.


Sports Orthotics 

Flat feet can be a major disadvantage to sports lover; however, specially designed sports orthotics are specifically designed to support your feet in two directions – across the arch and in the length and as a result, pain and fatigue caused by playing sports are reduced.


Work Orthotics

These orthotics are designed specifically for work shoes and boots and provide comfort and relief to those who are on their feet the entire day.


Custom Orthotics

The best orthotics are custom made orthotics because these are specifically made to fit your feet using a special heat technology. They provide the best support for flat feet and treat over pronation. These orthotics cannot be purchased over the counter and will not be immediately available. You will have to wait for them to be made after they have been prescribed but you can be guaranteed that the wait is worth it.

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